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Release Energy

The fast growth of developing economies in Asia and the continued increases in consumption in the West has caused demand for Oil and Gas has to increase sharply in the last decade.

The Oil and Gas Industry can meet this demand in two ways:

  • New Discoveries, although resources are increasingly difficult to find and take time to bring on stream.

  • Increase production/recovery rates on existing fields by utilising new technologies.

Release Energy was formed by world leading specialists in the development and application of production and recovery enhancement technologies for oil and gas fields, and new field developments.

We aim to install these technologies into independently owned fields, returns achieved by profit sharing based on the increase delivered to field profits. Release Energy is not an exploration company, nor do we envisage any involvement in day to day production activities.

Most Oil and Gas companies have field assets that could benefit from ex-reservoir technologies, but risk aversion and performance accountability act as barriers to new solutions.

Going Forward

Release energy can provide low cost, high impact, positive cash flow generating production/recovery enhancements and have them in place within 24 months. Working with owners to identify the best fields based on production data and reservoir projections and provide designs for retrofit technology.

Release energy can deliver:

  • A high potential return to investment ratio

  • A short time to implementation and production

  • A relatively low level of absolute investment

Meeting these criteria is achievable even on large fields, and by evaluating the investments chosen we can allow a rapid path to follow on projects
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