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Our Solutions

Release Energy’s Ex-Reservoir Production/Recovery Enhancement Solution can solve many common oil and gas production issues, such as:

  • Inefficiencies in topside facilities

  • Deep water production

  • Well stream issues such as high levels of produced water

  • Reservoir life issues such as decreasing pressure leading to decreased mass flow but increased volumetric flows which bottleneck production

  • Riser back-pressure from water column

Solving these key problems can bring huge benefits to field operations, reducing costs, increased and more efficient production and recovery and more, all of which can shift fields from being marginal to being profitable.

Favourable Field Characteristics 

  • Gas fields which contain some condensate (very light oil), where gas production is restricted by too much condensate carryover to compressors – potentially. In this case production is cut back to protect compressors from damage from the condensate droplets. We can dramatically improve gas production and recover more condensate;

  • Volatile oil fields fields where production is constrained by too much gas production. The existing facilities are not able to cope with the increasing volume of gas (which increases dramatically as field pressure declines) and production is restricted. We can separate out the excess gas and increase oil production;

  • Volatile oil fields where production is being restricted by increasing levels of produced water. It is not common knowledge that on average for every barrel of oil produced three barrels of water are produced from oil reservoirs. It can be the case in oil fields that initial produced water levels can be very low and then increase to levels as high as 90%. Clearly this puts very large limitations on existing top side facilities which are processing large volumes of water which needs to be treated to a high standard before the water can be returned to the ocean or even re-injected into the reservoir.

Production/Recovery Example

Release Energy shareholders have been personally involved with Statoil operations in the North Sea, a mature field that lies at a depth of 200m below the sea. An investment of US $200 million in topside and subsea production and recovery enhancement technologies is expected to improve field recovery from 49% to 55%, providing an additional 35 million barrels of oil, translating to an estimated project NPV of over US $900 million.

Technology Development in Concert with Participant Partners

Release Energy aims to implement qualified ex-reservoir production and recovery enhancement technologies along with partners around the world.

Among these partners will be owners and operators of oil & gas fields, such as Petronas, possibly alongside other participants who bring relevant opportunities, project funding and expertise.

Release Energy will consider providing solutions for the most challenging reservoirs. However, obviously there are many fields around the globe which have greater potential then others. We consider below a selection of field scenarios which can be described as favourable.

Release Energy and Petronas’ Contributions 

  • Working with Petronas to identify the best fields based on production data and reservoir projections

  • Designs for retrofit technology

  • Access and authorisation to field facilities and facilities personnel to enable the retrofit in a regular and suitable  scheduled production shutdown period

Returns Sharing Arrangements

With direct experience among the leadership team Release Energy understands how to fast track and utilise technology developments and how to minimise risk.

The Field Optimisation Agreement will provide for sharing of the upside between Petronas and Release Energy.

Funds investment contributors are reimbursed first.  Technology contributions then receive agreed shares along with return on investment to funds contributors.

ROV Sub on Sea Bed
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